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Colours of souls are colours that are close to our hearts, we are attracted to them for a long time and they remain our favorite colors throughout their lives. They are connected with our character and virtues.


If you like to dress in white, it means that you are an individualist and a loner, preffering simple life. White reflects some energizing, balanced and optimistic character.

If you do not like white colour, it may be due to the need for making some important decision and a consequence of sharp break with the past.


If you like to dress in yellow you are lively, vital, cheerful, ambitious, curious, spontaneous and communicative.

If you do not like to wear yellow, it may indicate a loss of personal power and disappointment in life.


If person likes to dress in orange, it shows person is active, impatient and of competitive spirit. Also, independent, practical and creative, full of energy and full of restlessness.

If person refuse to dress in orange, it may be due to mental and physical exhaustion.


If someone likes to dress in red, is impulsive, energetic and short-tempered. Is usually in the spotlight and tend to be the best in everything. Sexual lust and eroticism are important part of life.

If someone does not like to wear red, this may be due to possible rejection, defeat, or to disease.


If someone likes to dress in pink, is gentle and loving, understanding and empathize with others. Person lacks solidity, strenght and confident.

If person do not like pink, for this can be blamed unresolved relationship with own father or mother.


If you like to dress in violet you are sensitive and full of compassion. Self-confidence can be increased with a hint of red colour (eg. lilac, cyclamen color).

If you do not like violet, fault can be found in creative brake or in problems with authority.


If you dress in light blue colour you are sensitive, creative and receptive. You are practical and have well-developed imagination.

If you like to dress in dark blue colour, you are smart and confident. You want to be surrounded with love, tenderness and affection, but you also need peace and tranquility.

If you do not like to wear blue, you are probably affraid of failure, of losing money, social and professional status.

If you do not like dark blue you probably have experience with deception and infidelity, with disappointment or with loss of confidence.


If you like to dress in green, you like to have quiet life. You are friendly, you love people and are willing to help, but you are careful and do not trust easily.

If you like to dress in blue and green, you tend to shake off the tension and avoid conflict and misunderstanding. You are very subtle.

If you refuse to dress in green, you migt be lonely and desperate. You might have survived serious rejection or severe trauma.


If you like to dress in brown, you're honest and realistic and likes to live orderly lives. You are sentient and appreciate good food, drink, company. Brown color gives you a sense of emotional security. It is closing you into shell, because you are afraid that your outer world would not accept you.

If you do not like brown this is due to a change in attitude and due to your tendence for independence.


If you want to dress in gray you are an individualist, like to be alone, but are sometimes lonely. You are overloaded and strained, so you need to rest and relax.

If you do not like gray, this is because of your need for cooperation and support from family and friends.


When someone likes to dress in black, indicates having a strong will, rigid attitudes and discipline. Probably they lack self-confidence or have to become mature. An so, can hide underneath black to hide from the outside world. Otherwise, black cloting means denial, denying everything. If a black clothing is worn only at special occasions, it shows authoritative person who wish to make an impression on others.

If person does not like to wear black, has a desire to control and is not willing to give up personal power.

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