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The colours in the home and surroundings, affect our physical, emotional and mental health. They are the mirror of our characters.


In most cases white is the most appropriate and also most commonly used for background. It creates coolness and space. It is suitable for all areas, but it is advised to liven up white walls with paintings and plants, as too much white creates sterile, hospital-like feeling.



Yellow works best in kitchens, living rooms and rooms for recreation. It is recommended in places where learning, studying (mentally active) because it helps to concentrate. It revives and brightens every room, making it warm and sunny. That is why yellow is not suitable for the bedrooms. It maintains alertness. 

Because it is a very powerful color, it is supposed to be used only for addition and smaller areas. If wanted to be used on larger areas, lighter shades of yellow are recomended.


It is most suitable for living rooms, dining areas of kitchen and rooms for recreation. It is not suitable for offices and other working rooms, bedrooms and other rooms for relaxation and rest. It makes space warm, gives a sense of support and friendship.


Red is best for dining rooms as it encourages sociability and liveliness, and affects the apetite (as it stimulates appetite and increases desire for food, it is often used in restaurants). At home, it is suitable for hallways and kitchen. Also for kindergarten's playrooms, school-gyms. It invigorates in rooms where more physical activity. It enriches the room, but it makes it seem visualy smaller. Red colour is not suitable for study rooms, workshops, school classes, offices, waiting rooms in hospitals, and also not suitable for rooms in which we rest and relax, like bedroom.


Pink colour is suitable for almost all areas. It is preferred in bedrooms, because it calms and allows us to more relax easily and rest. It is also suitable for dining, play-rooms and children's bedrooms.


The violet colour is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms and spaces where people relax, meditate. If applied on smaller areas, it brings calm and mental balance.


Blue is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, working rooms and others that are ment forrest or relaxation. It creates a cool and airy space. Not suitable for dining rooms, lounges, gym or recreations, basements.


Green color is best suited for living rooms and bedrooms. It is also suitable for working rooms in which stress is present, because it calms. Not suitable in gyms and cold places.


Brown colour is best suited for living rooms.


Gray colour in the room works empty and seamlessly. Suitable is only for interior smaller details.


Black colour in the apartment looks gloomy and stifling, so you have to be careful when using it. It is suitable for certain additives and the enrichment of smaller areas.


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