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                                        PHYSIOLOGICAL MEANING OF COLOURS


White does not have much influence on us.


Yellow increases blood pressure, accelerates pulse, increases breathing rate, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, liver, pancreas and gallbladder. It cleans digestive tract.

Yellow is the colour of sun, light and heat. It stimulates, activates, and is playful. It maintains alertness, promotes concentration and motor skills. It is the colour of happiness and joy. Yellow colour is a mental stimulant.



Orange can help strengthening lungs, spleen and pancreas. It stimulates heart, reproductive organs, digestion and rises appetite. It increases body's resistance. Under it´s influence body fluids are excreted.

Otherweise, it gives sense of pleasantness, joy, and well-being. It is the colour of joy, sociability and satisfaction. It helps to overcome fatigue and gives new strength. It stimulates body and psyche with vitality, joy, warmth, playfulness, emotion.


Red colour helps to enhance muscles, strengthen the body, increase blood pressure, accelerate pulse, blood circulation, excretion of adrenaline and hepatic function.


It soothes, relieves heat rash, burns, balances digestion, affects the brain and nervous system.

It increases organic resistance.


It calms heart rate, decreasing breathing rhythm, narrows blood vessels, prevents inflammation, maintains dense bone marrow, soothes and calms the pain. Blue can be emotional sedative.


Green colour expands capillaries and regulates blood circulation, reduces pressure, calms the nervous system, relaxes muscles, establishes personal balance.

Green is the colour of relaxation, balance and harmony with nature. Within us, it works pleasant and calming, refreshes and heals. It can be used as sedative and hypnotic agent.


Brown colour calms us down. It is present in everyday life, so it works nice, motherly and protective.


Gray raises indecision and irrelevance, has a negative impact on activity as it makes person dull and lazy. It has mostly negative effects. Runs unique, blank, realistically, the color of which has a depressive.


Black colour means rest, physical darkness.


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