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                                                         INTERESTING COLOUR FACTS


The white flag is a symbol of peace.

Pharaohs of Egypt wore white crown.

Wedding in white dress is believed to bring luck. Therefore, it is the traditional color of wedding dresses in the Western world and Japan.

The knight in shining white armor is believed to be savior.

Old Persians believed that all gods wore white clothes.

Angels are mostly dressed in white.

White is the color of mourning in China and in some parts of Africa. By the 16th century it was also the color of mourning in Europe.

Whitelist (opposite to black list) contains popular things.

The ancient Greeks were dressed in white while sleeping due to dream more pleasant dreams.

White Room is usually a clean room, dust-free, temperature-controlled, meant for inhalt precise instruments.

The white feather is a symbol of coward.


Yellow is the colour of mourning in Egypt and Burma.

Yellow can symbolise jealousy and deceit (France) and sadness (Greece).

For holistic healers it is the colour of peace.

Yellow ribbon is a sign for support to the soldiers at the front.

If someone is said to have yellow lines, it means that person is a coward.

Hindus in India wear yellow when celebration the festival of spring.

In 10th century, in France criminals and traitors got their frontdoor painted with yellow.

In India it can symbolise farmers or traders.

Executioneers in Spain in old days wore yellow.

In US, taxis and school buses are yellow.

For old Aztecs yellow symbolized food (corn).

Yellow flag means quarantine.


Orange is Dutch national color from their War for Independence, in which participated the rebel "Orange" prince.

In China and Japan, the orange symbolizes happiness and love.


Red in Russia represents beauty.

In India, red is a symbol for a soldier.

In South Africa, red is the colour of mourning.

"Red-shirts" were soldiers of the Italian leader Garibaldi, who united and founded modern Italy in 19th century.

In Greece, Easter eggs are coloured in red for good luck.

In China, red is the colour of happiness and is used for weddings. Also, with Hindus and Muslims.

For old Romans, red was also a sign of conflict.

In England, telephone booths and double-decker buses are red.

In India, red dot on the forehead of women is bringing good luck.

The Aztecs associated red with blood.

Red amulets, to many cultures, prolong life.

The highest arc in the rainbow is red.

In financial circles, red represents a negative outlook.

Bees can see all the colours except red.

When you blush it means that you feel embarrassed.

A red flag means danger.


Purple is the colour of mourning in Thailand.

Violet heart is a reward for the injured and dead soldiers.

Purple gowns represent authority and high positions.



In Iran, blue is the colour of mourning.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore blue for protection against evil.

Blue blood means royal roots.

Blue is believed to protect against witches.

Even in ancient Rome, public officials wore blue


In the ancient Egyptians,  the floor of the temple were painted green.

In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory.

Green with envy means that jealous and envious.

Greenhorn means a new man, a newcomer, someone fresh without experiences.

Green Room is special room in concerts and theaters, where performers rest and relax before the performing.

Green means go.

In Scotland´s Highlands, the green is worn as a sign of pride.

Green is the national color of the Irish people.

If anyone gets the green light means that person can start with a task or project.

If you're green, it means that you got sick.


With the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the black was colour of mourning.

Black is often the colour of secrets and mysteries.

A person who has "a black heart" is evil.

If bussiness is in the black, it means it is doing well and brings in some money.

The ancient Egyptians believed that black cats posessed divine power.

Black Sheep is an outcast.

Blacklist is a list of people or organizations which are punished or boycotted.

Black market stands for illegal trafficking in goods or money.

Experts in karate are wearing black belts.

Black flag in car racing means that the driver needs to drive into the boxes.


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