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                                               FUNCTIONALLY COLOURS IN HOSPITAL

Bound and corridors in hospitals should be optimistic, warm colors, which make the impression of familiarity that man who enters them embrace, accept and give confidence to him. White painted hallways adversely affected and cold, the patient fills with a sense of foreignness, monotony, boredom, loneliness.


In patient rooms, the most important ceiling, whereas in patients tied to the bed assumes the role of the walls (their view is mostly upward). It should therefore sick room, in contrast to other rooms, ceilings painted with soft, soothing colours that sooner or later put down, but not deprimirajo (White depressive, green is depressed, the gray monotone). Maybe it was the most suitable unsaturated diluted green colour with a hint of yellow, as it creates the impression of softness and gentleness and soothing without being disturbed.


Schizophrenics would have to be under the influence of the warm wall colours, as these facilitate contact with the world.


Patients under pressure (high blood pressure, feverish illness tense psychological state) should be in the middle of soothing wall colours that give a feeling of relaxation and width and increasing space (eg. Cold tones).


For mentally underdeveloped and lagging children, should be facilities were repainted with stimulative warm colors.


Adolescents with unregulated emotional life but spaces with a soothing, cool colours to create a suitable counterbalance and reach the necessary balance of.


Partially sighted people have a special love yellow.


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